Finding the Min and Max values in MongoDB

In MongoDB, the min() and max() functions work as limitors – essentially the same as “gte” (>=) and “lt” (<).

To find the highest (maximum) value in MongoDB, you can use this command;


This essentially sorts the data by the fieldname in decending and takes the first value.

The lowest (minimum) value can be determined in a similar way.


Note that if the dataset is large and the field is not indexed, this could take a long time.

If you want to find the max using a “group by” equivalent, you need to use map-reduce.  s
    {key: {name:true},
        reduce: function(obj, prev) {
            if (prev.maxValue < obj.thisfieldname) {
                prev.maxValue = obj.thisfieldname;
    initial: { maxValue: 0 }}

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