Not My Fault!

The blame game is an interesting topic to examine – It leads to some very interesting conclusions. Generally speaking, there are two types of reactions to a problem. “How can we fix it” or “It wasn’t my fault”.

Several years ago I was reading and article that was talking about the later of these – “Not my fault” – which concluded that when a person passes off the blame, they also pass of the ability to fix or solve the problem. Not their fault means that it is someone else’s doing, and thus, out of their hands. Someone else caused the problem so someone else has to fix it.

The article went on to say that people with this primary reaction tended to get stuck at a point with projects and general development because they had built up walls which they could not cross. It also showed that this group of people spent there time assigning blame and not getting the problem resolved. Whereas, the “fix it” group both solves the problem faster and also where able to develop further.


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